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“It Takes A Village” Conference: Unlocking Potential for the African Diaspora


"It Takes A Village" Conference: Unlocking Potential for the African Diaspora

This July, the African Diaspora community will convene for a groundbreaking event at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel – the inaugural “It Takes A Village” Conference. Organized by the esteemed non-profit AfriThrive Inc., this conference promises to empower, connect, and inspire individuals seeking to make a lasting impact within the African diaspora and beyond.

Conference Overview

The two-day conference (July 12-13, 2024) will feature a dynamic lineup of speakers and attendees, including:

  • NGO executives
  • Government officials
  • Business leaders
  • Immigration experts
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Tax specialists
  • Educators
  • Tech innovators
  • Community organizers

Themes explored will center on identity, wellness, navigating professional/personal balance, and supporting those with ties to their ancestral homelands.


Why You Should Attend

  • Unparalleled Networking: Connect with changemakers and influential figures across diverse industries. Expand your professional circle, discover mentors, find new career opportunities, and engage in meaningful interactions both within formal sessions and designated networking breaks.
  • Insightful Workshops & Panels: Gain practical knowledge on issues specifically impacting the African diaspora. Sample topics/issues that will be covered include issues around “Financial Planning for Diasporans,” “Mental Health Considerations for the African Diaspora,” and “How to advocate for your child/student within the school system.”
  • Work-Life-Identity Balance: Discover how to honor your cultural heritage while thriving in your current environment. Receive guidance on topics like “Overcoming ‘Imposter Syndrome’ Within Cross-Cultural Environments,” “Raising Children with a Strong Sense of Cultural Identity,” and “Addressing Burnout and Prioritizing Self-Care.”
  • Family-Friendly: On-site childcare options ensure parents can fully participate without logistical concerns. The “It Takes A Village” Conference embodies its philosophy by providing childcare, allowing parents to pursue their growth with the support of the community.
  • Celebration of Excellence Gala: The Night of Excellence Gala & Awards will recognize outstanding contributions and achievements within the African diaspora community, with awards highlighting areas such as Entrepreneurial Excellence, Community Impact, and Diaspora Arts & Culture Champion.


How to Get Involved

  • Sponsorships & Speaking Opportunities: Amplify your voice or your organization’s mission through sponsorship or take on a thought leadership role as a speaker/panelist. Visit the conference website/sponsor page for complete details.
  • Register Today! Secure your spot at this transformative event. Early registration is strongly encouraged due to limited space. Visit the It Takes A Village Conference website: for a complete agenda,speaker details, and registration.

The “It Takes A Village” Conference is a catalyst for positive change and sustainable growth within the African diaspora. Whether you’re a seasoned community advocate or an ally seeking to learn and contribute, this conference provides essential tools, connections, and inspiration. Join us this July and be part of this empowering movement!

AfriThrive Inc.

"It Takes a Village African Diaspora Family & Youth Conference" is designed to celebrate the rich heritage of the African diaspora while empowering families and youth. Hosted by AfriThrive Inc., the conference draws inspiration from the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child." It fosters a sense of community, provides opportunities for networking and learning, and champions the successes of individuals within the diaspora.